The Passion To Becoming A Vet

Having the passion for wanting to become a vet or assistant, you would have to attend a veterinary technician school course either at some university or college campus. Although the veterinary technician school fees are not that cheap, it would be a sad sight to see someone who has so much compassion for animals not to be able to become at least a qualified assistant to the vet. The course for the vet and the assistant has a lot in common but the veterinary technician school course is not as long or as intensive as a vet’s. Normally a vet would have to study for seven years at university, whereas the veterinary technician school course would either be a two or four year certification.
Dispensing Medication
Since the technician would have to assist in most of what the vet does, the main thing that is not done is the prescribing of medication.  Even though there are products for everyday use on a pet or animal, the technician is not qualified to dispense medication. As part of the veterinary technician training, procedures would have to be done such as sterilization and neutering, assisting in birth and euthanasia, dental care and procedures, general medical attention and procedures, taking of x-rays and helping determine what the problems could be, and many more.
Being a veterinary technician does not mean you are going to be doing all the menial work. It means assisting the vet in all health care facets of his practice. It means you have to still attend the veterinary technician school and not lose your passion for helping those animals that cannot help themselves. Attending veterinary technician school is one of the first major steps to becoming a vet, however expensive the bill may be, it will be all worth it in the end. The satisfaction of helping sick or injured animals cannot be matched by any other career, even though there are sometimes when the animals are not so happy to be treated, and get out of control and cause damage to those wanting to care and treat them.
Basics To Go Further
The economic benefit of having attended veterinary technician school is that in today’s times when everything seems to be crashing down around us, the need for good animal care is still in demand, same with doctors. The need will always be there, and thankfully there are those that care enough to do the job passionately. Even though the job can get boring after a good few years, the next step would be to start studying to be a vet yourself. You got the basics, so now go further.