Registered Means Being Liable

If you have studied to be an assistant it is important that you are a registered veterinary technician when you start working for a vet’s practice. You, as a registered veterinary technician, may take an oath too, to see to all sick animals and to do the best you can for them, but most of all being a registered veterinary technician means you can be sued for damages incurred.
It is also important when you apply for the registered veterinary technician position that you are registered with all the relevant authorities concerned. You will see that being a registered veterinary technician more people have faith in leaving their beloved pets in your care. You were not employed to be just the odd helper; you would have to assist with most things entailed to being a vet. You will get great satisfaction out of being a registered veterinary technician for quite some time, if you are slightly less career driven or if finances are hindering your future studies to becoming a vet.
 Other Options At Hand
There are so many animals out there that need human intervention continuously, that while even working at the vet’s office you can still do the veterinary technician online course, hopefully at your own pace, but it would be cheaper than going to campus for two to four years.
Since there are still way too many animals that need to be seen to the need for vets and their assistants is still short. There are only but a handful of students that make it to be a registered veterinary technician, which makes the demand for those, careers so much more. However rewarding it may be to help animals that cannot help themselves, some people do the vet courses only for the money, which indeed is a selfish deed, none the less, and they are still helping animals.
Animal Awareness
The need for animal awareness has to be increased especially over the festive season, as many parents tend to get their children puppies, and then after a while when the pets are no longer cute or cuddly they either get abandoned or donated to the SPCA for someone else to take care of or be put out of their misery. It is also sad to see that people still have the nerve to drop kittens and puppies along the roadside in hope that someone else will pick them up and take care of them. And yes, thankfully there are those who care enough to collect them all and take them home to love again.