Is Feline Veterinary Medicine Really Necessary?

Some pet owners don’t take their cats to the vet. They figure that the cats are used to living out in nature and they didn’t have vets a hundred years ago so why should they have to spend money now on feline veterinary medicine? Is feline veterinary medicine really necessary? Of course it is. There are many reasons why a cat would need feline veterinary medicine. For one, they need to get their usual vaccinations to protect them from diseases and other illnesses that may affect cats. While it’s true that vets didn’t exist many years ago, cats still died from contracting these types of illnesses. Getting your beloved pet the recommended feline veterinary medicine can save their lives and keep them around for a long time.

Kittens and New Cats

When you first get a kitten or even a new adult cat, you’ll want to make an appointment with the vet so that you can get the required feline veterinary medicine if they haven’t received it already. If you got your cat from a breeder, it’s likely they already received their vaccinations or the breeder will tell you otherwise. If you got your cat from a pet store or from an ad online or in the paper, the guess is yours. You should take them to the vet just in case so that they’re protected against all the typical illnesses. Not only that, but you should form a relationship with your local vet’s office so that you know where to go in case you ever need emergency veterinary medicine.

Sick Cats

Your cat may get sick or there may be a need for emergency feline veterinary medicine that requires you to take your pet to the vet. You should always have a vet’s office in mind and keep the number posted on your fridge so that it’s always handy. You never know when you may want to rush your cat to the office to get him or her fixed up.

Non-Medical Care

Some vets nowadays don’t believe in the traditional forms of feline care and instead prefer to provide homeopathic veterinary medicine care. This is care using more natural materials such as herbs to cure many cat ailments instead of traditional medicines. You should know that this option is available to you if you prefer it but you should know that this type of care hasn’t been proven to work in all cat illness situations.